Desk Face & A301

In this project I designed a typeface (Desk Face) and a publication (A301) which sought to explore how a designer’s workplace interacts with their personality. As an introverted designer I had struggled with aspects of our studio at university, so my main objective became documenting my experience of working in the studio for prospective introverted students as well as exploring my relationship with my working space. The typeface reconstructs my desk in letterform; every element from the line thickness to the terminals was informed by the features of the desk. The publication is named after our studio room number and also reconstructs the desk as pages, in its proportions and typesetting which rotates each paragraph as if the reader were sitting at different places of the desk. I chose the paper to match the colours and textures present in the studio. After three months of working from home I’ve really missed the buzz and the atmosphere of the studio, making this project particularly special to me.