Fluffy and beaded, FLUFFED IT is a project I started in an attempt to bring some texture and sparkle into a pretty bad year. I am currently working on a few collections, 'Natural' inspired by landscapes and texture, 'Pave' inspired by cracked pavements and 'Word' which will help inspire you into action. In August 2021 five of these pieces were part of the the Loopholes Embroidery Exhibition, hosted at Craft Central. The exhibition featured ten embroidery artists exploring the theme of resilience. 

Email me at for commissions and quotes.

Word Collection

An exploration of typography and expression through embroidery.

Pave Collection

A study of cracked pavements, from photographs taken on long lockdown walks.


Natural Collection

Playing with stitches and beading to create natural textures. 

A Process

From sketch to stitch to scan; a WIP embroidered typeface.


Loopholes Embroidery Exhibition

Hosted by Sarangua at Craft Central, London.