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The Witch of Edmonton

Hoof and Horn Productions are a student-led theatre company based in Oxford. I acted as an in-house designer for them, creating work for two productions The Pitchfork Disney and The Witch of Edmonton both of which sold out. This 2019 adaptation of The Witch of Edmonton was a modern retelling of the original play, rewritten by Hoof and Horn’s directors. To bring the 1621 play into 2019, I adapted the original artwork by redrawing the illustration and matching the typeface. The set design used red ribbons to hang a pentagram made from sticks from the ceiling, a theme also present in the poster design using the silhouette of a tree. Working closely with their marketing team, I created flyers, programmes, a poster and social media content to advertise the play.

poster mockup.png
orginal artwork.jpg

A Modern Retelling

The original artwork, 1658 (left) and our redesigned poster, 2019 (right). 

Custom profile pictures for the cast members (top left), a photograph of the live performance (top right), a glowing review (bottom left) and the flyer (bottom right).

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